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Digital Television is now part of our lives and with the new channels and clarity it brings it is something to be enjoyed.

This is not the case though if there is something wrong with your aerial or cabling system. Everyday we hear the story of how my channels break up or click loudly followed by the comment 'that's just how digital TV is'. This is absolutely not the case. It is, however, an indication there is something wrong with your Aerial System or Signal.

Digital TV is more so about quality of signal rather than quantity. In the vast majority of cases Digital TV will function on a lesser amount of signal than Analogue would have as long as the quality is sufficient. It is not always a case of 'whacking in a booster' as we often get asked to do. If the input signal is corrupted, then an amplifier or 'booster' will simply put out the same signal, just more of it. This can be loosely related to water quality. A pump (or booster in this example) does nothing for water quality, it just pushes it along. Same bad quality, just more of it!

We measure signal quality using specialised test equipment which provides us with a true measure of Bit Error Rate (BER). BER is the critical measurement of your TV signal. Digital signal is transmitted to you in streams of data but because it is transmitted over the air, loss or corruption of some of the data packets is inevitable. If too many packets are lost or corrupted the result on screen may appear as image break-up, loss of signal or even as loud clicking in the sound. The loss may occur within your aerial system anywhere from the aerial itself right though to the fly-lead connecting the TV. This is why we use True BER measurement to ascertain where the loss is occuring.

Once corrected properly you too will enjoy Digital TV the way it is meant to be!

Clarke & Webb Technicians have the qualifications, experience and background to get you the result you are after.

We can assit you with; -Digital Television Reception problems. -New Installations for New Homes and Buildings. -Extra TV service outlets or relocation of existing outlets. -Relocation of aerials to improve tank water quality or to make clearway for roof mounted solar panels. - Safe Removal of masts or towers before they become hazards! - FM Radio and DAB+ Signal Reception. -VAST Remote Area Satellite Television for bad reception area's where normal terrestial reception is impossible. Other services not listed here. If you need it done, check with us, we can probably help. Toowoomba and its surrounds are a wide and diverse area with multiple TV transmitters and various 'difficult' reception areas. This makes the choice of aerial serviceperson all the more important. Only a qualified Electronics Technician can understand the way a television reciever works and how to better improve the signal it needs to function properly. Please check the coverage maps on this page to see which transmitter services your area or see a nationwide listing here. We have a proven track record as a family owned local business you can trust!