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Whether you're a Movie Buff or just want to immerse yourself in your favourite sport from home, a Home Theatre System is a great place to start!

Home Theatre is different for everybody. There is certainly not a 'one-size-fits-all' solution as everybodies needs, budget and home is different. In some cases our clients will want to use an exisitng lounge-room space and intergrate a theatre system into it and in other cases our clients will setup a dedicated room for the theatre. Both styles use a different approach and yet both will have the same great result when setup and installed properly by a specialist.

Essentially, we believe that there are three parts to achieving a great result for your home theatre;

- The Picture; Deciding if you wish to use a flat panel display such as an LED or Plasma TV or have a larger screen by using a projector. If using a projector are you using a screen or part of a painted wall?

- The Sound; Are you using a Stereo system, Sound Bar, Surround Sound 'in-a-box' system or a Component System with seperate receiver, player and speakers. Will your speakers be minimalist such as in-wall or concealed speakers or will you use tower or bookshelf speakers?

- The Installation; The final step which brings everything else together. This is getting all the equipment located in just the right spot for optimal performance. This is concealing all the cabling for a clean look. This is optimising the system and calibrating the equipment to perform at it's best everytime you use it. Home Theatre is a core part of our business and our installers are passionate about getting you a great result.

Have a browse through the galleries on this page and see our great results. The galleries are here to show you the many and varied solutions we have been able to provide our clients over the years.

Commercial Cinemas and Theatrettes are also part of this speciality. We have provided solutions for Museums, Heritage Centres, Training Venues, Residential Villages and even Portable Mining Camps. An 85 Seat Commercial Cinema was provided during 2013 for one of our commercial clients with a great result. There is a mis-conception that you can only have a custom installed home theatre in a new home. In fact, the majority of theatre's we are completing are in existing homes. Of course, pre-wiring during construction is certainly easier but we see no limitation in installing to an existing home over a new home. With the right skill set and plenty of experience we can get cables into just about any spot!

Should you have any questions regarding this please let us know. We can recommend from our trusted suppliers and local specialists to ensure you get the right equipment and cut through the techno-hype to get you the equipment you need, not what a saleperson wants to sell you.....