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Get your TV professionally wall mounted and hide all the cables in the wall to realise the clean, modern and spacious look of a wall mounted TV.

Don't risk hitting Power cables, Gas lines or Water pipes inside your walls and having it cost you even more, get the professionals on the job!

There are many reasons you would want to wall mount your TV. Some are safety based reasons if you have small children or your TV is in a high traffic area, but generally you do it for the clean look and free space.

When a TV is wall mounted it is secured to structure to prevent accidental topple or fall. This ensures children are safe. We all hear the horror stories of children being crushed by falling furniture and televisions, and it happens so easily when modern televisions all sit on plastic bases and are very top heavy.

It doesn't matter what wall type you have, whether it is plaster, brick, concrete or even stone, we've mounted a TV to it before. Of course we cannot forget ceiling or hanging mounting as well. This can suspend a TV or Display in front of glass or even behind glass in the case of a shop-front display.

Our experienced installers know the best location for the TV taking into consideration many things such as;

  • Ambient light in the room which will cause 'reflections' on the screen.
  • The ideal height for the TV to avoid neck strain whilst viewing.
  • The easiest path for cable concealment, no unsightly cables!
  • Location of existing services related to the TV such as power, data & aerial connections.
  • Location of other household services such as power, water and gas.
  • Furniture location and foot traffic flow.
  • Location of air-conditioners and vents.

There is no one size fits all solution when wall mounting your TV and for this reason we do not offer a 'one size fits all' fixed price. When you think about it, your house is not the same as your neighbours and your needs and different to theirs, so why would you pay more for your installation because they did? One size fits all pricing is designed so the installer wins every time and isn't fair.

Whether you want to have the TV sit flat on the wall or you may want the TV to disappear when not in use. We have a bracket to suit. We stock flat wall, flat wall with tilt, full motion brackets (with swivel) and motorised solutions to suit your room and desired outcome.

Check our gallery on this page to view our recent wall mount installations to see how we can help you get the professional result you are after.

If you require further information regarding this please call our office