CCTV Installation


Platinum Audio Visual offers top-tier CCTV installation services for both homes and businesses. Our skilled team ensures optimal placement and setup of cameras, providing comprehensive security solutions. With cutting-edge technology, we deliver high-resolution video surveillance, enabling you to monitor your property with clarity.

Our tailored approach considers your specific needs, designing a system that fits your requirements and budget. From single-camera setups to complex multi-camera installations, we deliver seamless integration and remote access capabilities. Trust our expertise in maximizing coverage, deterring potential threats, and enhancing safety for your premises.

With Platinum Audio Visual, experience peace of mind knowing that your property is protected by a reliable CCTV system, backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Camera Kits

Choose our comprehensive packages for reliable home monitoring. Enjoy remote viewing capabilities without recurring fees or battery concerns. Our 4-camera kit features 4-megapixel cameras, a 4-channel recorder, and a 1TB hard drive. Upgrade to our 6-camera kit with 6-megapixel cameras, an 8-channel recorder, and a 2TB hard drive. Or opt for our 8-camera kit with 6-megapixel cameras, an 8-channel recorder, and a 2TB hard drive. Enhance your system further with optional upgrades like siren/flashing light cameras, 8-megapixel cameras, upgraded hard drives, and recorders.

Rest assured, our professional installation is included with all camera kits. Monitor your home effortlessly and with peace of mind.

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